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Amy Harris

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Hey There!

Amy Harris

Founder and CEO of Vacay Vibe Travels, LLC. I became a Travel Advisor in 2018 that specialized in all things, Disney! As a Disney lover, it made the most sense, what better way to get all the insider info on new releases, new promos, and all the new up and coming park or overseas adventures? I branched out after a few years to do more than just Disney, finding this was my calling. I love all things travel.

A little about myself and my family; When I was little we didn’t go on many family vacations because my family was and still is a dairy farmer. So if we did a family vacation it was a few here and there growing up. I got married to an amazing man who has now sinced passed away. We were married for almost 15 years and we share two beautiful girls together. We tried to go on family vacation every year or as much as we could. His job required him to work weekends and it was hard to get time off. We made the best of it and traveled as much as we could . I knew I always wanted to travel and see all the amazing wonders of the world. I also felt very strongly about family photos done every year and still continue that tradition

Life is too short not to dream big.

We have one life so live it to the fullest.

Sometimes life may not turn out the way we want it but when it takes you to an adventure just go with it. So let the memory-making trips, money-saving tips, and delicious food guide your way through life and travel!