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Alex Lohmann

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Alex Lohmann

I’ve been interested in travel, transportation, and logistics from a young age. Intrigued by how people (and things) get from point A to point B, I’ve had a natural connection to the industry. Since I began traveling at a young age, and have been an entrepreneur for many years, I thought it would be a good fit for my many interests. After five years in the industry, I can say it’s been a great experience thus far. Though there may be ups and downs along the way, it’s very fulfilling when my clients see how beneficial it is to work with me as their agent. When they return from a trip of their dreams, it is great to hear how well I was able to help them go on the vacation of their dreams. I would love to travel to a large variety of places throughout the world. I’ve had clients travel on safaris to Africa, to geothermal pools in Iceland, and more. These all sound like amazing getaways, and I’d add even more to this list. There is so much to get out and see/do in the world, let’s get moving!