Friendly Locals In the USA


Friendly Locals In the USA

Americans are really friendly people. They love to chat, are generous with their time and welcome visitors into their lives with warm smiles. 

Travel magazines, bloggers, and tourism industry professionals often give awards about the friendliest towns and cities in America. Savannah, Texas, Orinda and Burlington are frequently on the lists. There is no real way to measure how friendly a town is, so this recognition is based on atmosphere, mood, and general feel-good vibes that come with a certain destination. 

Here are some places where we’ve experienced a great vacation that was made even better thanks to friendly locals. 

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is a high-vibes destination with many people on a spiritual journey of discovery. Perhaps that is why the locals are always pleasant and kind, and the place has a general feeling of happiness in the air. 

Sedona is famous for Vortex meditation sites that many believe lift their vibrations to levels of joy and bliss. If you chat to the locals, you will find many have lived in Sedona for their entire lives and wouldn’t dream of living anywhere else. Many others were drawn to living in Sedona due to the gorgeous red rock surroundings and the positive buzz of the spiritual energy.

Norfolk, Virginia

You will feel right at home when you arrive in Norfolk, Virginia. A lot comes down to how super friendly the locals are to everyone, from their own friends and family to complete strangers. With lovely surroundings, a high standard of living, and plenty to see and do, no wonder the people of Norfolk are so gleeful and kind. It’s a nice place to live and for a vacation and we love going there any chance we get. 

Buffalo, New York

Buffalo is also known as the City of Light because of the hydropower generated from Niagara Falls. It is also known for locals who light up the lives of tourists visiting the popular state. With a strong sense of community and a pro-active attitude towards tourism, you will find the locals in Buffalo, NY, some of the nicest people you could hope to meet. From the bus drivers to the shop keeps to the children at the park, all are polite and friendly, which is a joy to be around. 

Charleston, South Carolina

Last but certainly not least on our American destinations where friendly locals are all around is Charleston in South Carolina. There you can expect plenty of people who love talking to visitors, are always willing to help a stranger and who love sharing their wonderful town. It sure is a pretty place with lots of tourist attractions, gorgeous surroundings and lots of history and culture to explore. 

Friendly locals are everywhere all over the USA. They give you a smile or a wave, help you when you are lost and share the warmest hospitality. Take time to say thank you, return the gesture and give a shout-out on social media if you are dealing with a business. It makes the world go round!