Surfs Up Sun Lovers!


Surfs Up Sun Lovers!

Nothing beats a gorgeous beach at sunset with perhaps a few people strolling along the pristine sandy shores. That will often be the image on a postcard if you go on vacation somewhere near the coast. It will also be etched in your memory when the trip is long over and you are wishing you could be back on the beach soaking up the sun. 

What exactly makes a great beach? It depends on what you are looking for. Some people love seclusion; others love a beach near lots of amenities like restaurants and shopping. If you are into water sports, you might need certain weather conditions and if you just want to lay on the sand in a state of bliss, then the beach should have white sand and some pretty palm trees would be a bonus.

We all have our idea of the perfect beach. To inspire all you sun-loving beach bums out there, here are four of our favorite beaches. 

Our first two sandy gems are in the Caribbean, full of lovely beaches with pink, black and white sand beaches. 

In the Virgin Islands National Park in St John, Trunk Bay is blessed with a white sandy shore and turquoise ocean as far as the eye can see. The snorkeling and swimming are totally epic, so don’t expect to be the only one there. Look out for leatherback turtles (which the locals call trunks) which hints at how the location got its name.

Decades ago, philanthropist Laurance Rockefeller gifted the bay area to the US Virgin Islands National Park Service so everyone could always enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Orient Bay Beach in St Martin is a stunning beach that many refer to as the Saint Tropez of the Caribbean. It lives up to the impressive nickname with natural beauty accented by a touch of glam infused by the classy resorts, shops and restaurants along the waterfront. 

Duke Kahanamoku Beach in Oahu, Hawaii, is hard to resist. This long stretch of lovely beach has palm trees overlooking crystal-blue water. You can go swimming, surfing, paddleboarding or just chill out on the beach. The beach, which is part of the famous Waikiki Beach, is near plenty of luxury resorts, so sun lovers can stay right near this scenic paradise.

To get to Railey Beach in Krabi, Thailand, you need to catch a long tail boat to a little tropical island where you will see skilled rock climbers and cheeky monkeys climbing the huge limestone rocks. The pristine beach lined with coconut trees is excellent for swimming and lazing the afternoon away before your boat heads back to the mainland. Or you might like to stay at one of the rustic resorts (or the fancy Rayavadee) for a few nights. 

Surfs up and we know you can’t wait to get there! Message us today and let’s talk more about what your ideal beach looks like so we can get you on a sunny, sandy vacation soon.