Discovering The Dreamy (And Dizzy) World Of Disney


Discovering The Dreamy (And Dizzy) World Of Disney

Disney is the happiest place on earth. With Mickey Mouse dancing around, thrilling rides, games, shopping, entertainment and tasty treats, it is certainly somewhere to get excited about.

Lining up early to beat the queues, you are hyped up by costumed Minions and other jolly characters from the movies. Paying extra to jump to the front of the line for rides is an excellent investment and kids by themselves get to jump again ahead of many adults. When they open the gates with loud music to welcome the crowds, it’s a bit of a mad dash to find the best rides.

For children, fond childhood memories are born inside the spinning teacups of Disneyland. Coming face to face with Donald Duck is hard to forget. There could not be anything more exciting than a trip to Disney in the inspired minds of toddlers, kids and teens.

Remember, Disney isn’t just for kids. Adults can enjoy the fun too, even if you have no little ones in tow. But if you have little ones, there will be some tired moments as it can be exhausting exploring the grounds. Grumpy moments as everyone gets thirsty, hot and hungry are sure to surface, so when it happens, head for lunch at a fun-themed restaurant to refuel.

Those rollercoasters can be pretty scary and even the bravest thrill seeker gets a little wave of anxiety as the coaster climbs high and people below suddenly look like ants. The pace picks up and you are propelled into a fast-paced ride that leaves you spinning and screaming. What fun! Let’s ride again?

When you need a rest, there are always lots of shows and events happening. This is a chance to rest a little and catch your breath as long as the street performers don’t choose you to go up and stage.

Disney is a fun place to visit and many Disney fans book vacations around days of playing at the adventure-filled theme parks where the music never stops.

You can get an annual pass for Disney if you plan on being a regular and who would ever get tired of the biggest playground in the land? Every time is a blast and there always seems like there’s something new to take in.

If you want to fire up the fun factor, you can book a night or two at a Disney resort like the Port Orleans Resort Riverside. From there, you can go to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, for the time of your life. There are dozens of epic resorts in the area, including the super fancy Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. Rooms in many resorts have adorable Disney decorations right down to the soaps in the bathroom. You might bump into Goofy in the hallway on your way to see the nightly fireworks show. All the staff is extra cheerful and bouncy and you would be too if you worked at the happiest place on the planet!

For more info on how you can take a vacation and meet Mickey there, drop us a line. We have lots of information and packages to make sure you have the vacation and ride of your life!