Pro Tip: Pre-Book Your Vacation Tours


Pro Tip: Pre-Book Your Vacation Tours

Escaping on an adults-only cruise is the perfect plan for the well-deserved vacation you need. There are many advantages to cruising kid-free. Here are some of the best reasons you should consider an adults-only cruise next time you hit the high seas.

No Kids

Obviously, one of the main features of an adults-only vacation is that there are no kids. Without your children (or anyone else’s running around), you have uninterrupted peace and quiet. A break with children is fun, but it has to be all about them. When you indulge on a trip without them, it’s a real vacation complete with sleep-ins, more than one cocktail, and you don’t have to order chicken nuggets with every meal. You can watch your movies in your luxury cabin, which is a cartoon-free zone. What bliss! 

Experiences Catered For Adults

The atmosphere on an adults-only cruise is different from a family-friendly cruise. The decor, design, and services are more chic, stylish, and sexy with an adults-only cruise compared to the non-stop fun and functional vibe you can expect from a cruise catering to family groups. 

Sophisticated shopping, upscale dining, and activities to attract adults like cooking classes, spa and live music, and dancing are what it’s all about aboard an adults-only cruise ship. Restaurants and entertainment stay open until late, and you will notice a lot fewer early risers onboard an adults-only cruise compared with a regular or family-friendly cruise.

Take A Gamble

Many adults-on cruises have lavish casinos onboard, so you can dedicate some of your budget to playing with Lady Luck. Casinos are fun and entertaining for after dinner or any other time of the day you feel like a hand of Black Jack or playing the slot machines. While you probably wouldn’t even step foot inside a glitzy casino with the kids in tow, it might become your new favorite vacation activity after this cruise!

Great For Socializing

On an adults-only cruise, you easily make new friends who are like-minded and appreciate the travel style an adults-only cruise offers. You will make plans for long boozy lunches, partake in adrenalin-pumping water sports, and stay up late enjoying the company of your new friends.

Even within the adults-only cruise market, there are trips designed to match up travelers from similar groups. For example, there are adult-only cruises, especially for over or under 50s, gay and lesbian, and solo travelers. 

Romantic Moments

When you decide an adults-only cruise is for you and your partner, you can expect some romance. The freedom and flexibility of time combined with gorgeous surroundings onboard and exciting stops to explore on land makes the perfect setting for the spark of love to be reignited. As you reconnect with each other, you will create wonderful vacation memories that might mark a new chapter in your love story.

Whether you take a short or long vacation, you will love an adults-only cruise that will be a relaxing and inspiring vacation experience. To book your well-deserved adults-only cruise, drop us a line. We are ready to plan one of the most epic travel experiences you can imagine!