Great Weather Destinations – Wish You Were Here!


Great Weather Destinations – Wish You Were Here!

When you head off on vacation, you are keeping your fingers and toes crossed for perfect weather. If you can get lots of sunny days that aren’t too hot, you have hit the weather jackpot. Or, if you are planning a winter vacation full of skiing and other winter sports, you will be hoping for bright clear days with enough chill factor to keep the snow falling.

We do get asked how the weather will be at certain destinations at particular times of the year. We can never be sure, but not many travelers are unlucky enough to get bad weather for their whole time away. The Weather Man is usually kind to at least give a mix of good, great and perfect weather days so you can enjoy your precious time off exploring a new or favorite corner of the world.

So while we can’t predict the weather, we can tell you about some lovely places with great weather most of the time. Here are some sunny destinations that usually turn on beautiful weather.

Greek Islands, Greece

The Greek Islands are famous for long blissful days of sunshine, which often end with the most gorgeous sunsets imaginable. The Mediterranean climate means summers are long and hot and the winters are mild. But a lot closes during winter, so you are best to seek out that perfect weather during the summer months.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean usually delivers the dreamy weather and makes an ideal escape for travelers who want to get away from chilly climates. Most of the year is a great time to pack your suitcases for the sunny Caribbean. The hurricane season with a higher risk of rain lasts from June until the end of November.

Gold Coast, Australia

On Australia’s Gold Coast, the sun is shining almost every day of the year. It’s a magnet for people who love warm weather with all the luxurious of modern life.

Surfers Paradise beckons surfers of all levels and the trendy shopping, epic nightlife and great shopping is quite appealing too. The best time to visit the Gold Coast is from the beginning of May until the end of October. By the end of January and most of February, it is quite humid, and there is a higher chance of rain.

Don’t forget to drink lots of water, wear sunblock, a hat and sunglasses and stand in the shade when possible if you are walking around a lot during sightseeing. We love gorgeous weather, but it can take a toll on you physically, especially if you are not used to it. Be smart and stay safe in the sun!

Message us today and let’s discuss your perfect vacation so we can send you to a place with beautiful weather before you know it.