Glorious Greece Has So Much To Offer


Glorious Greece Has So Much To Offer

Is Greece on your list of dream destinations to visit? There are many magical places on earth, but Greece indeed does hold a certain magic and mythical feeling. Greece has something for everyone from the ancient ruins in Athens to the sun-kissed islands to the scenic hiking trails in the Peloponnese region. 

Most travelers are drawn to Greece after seeing spectacular images of the Greek Islands. Instagram is overflowing with charming blue and white stone buildings framed by flowers and an endless ocean. Add in a stunning sunset and some fresh Mediterranean food and you have the perfect vacation destination. The capital also holds many wonders and mainland Greece has villages and cities, all with their unique attractions. 

Here is a taste of what you can expect when you book a vacation to Greece. 


The capital of Greece is one of the world’s oldest cities with endless amazing sites, including monasteries, churches, ancient ruins and fascinating historic architecture. Buying the Athens city pass for entry to many significant historical sites saves you time and money. The Acropolis, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, Mount Lycabettus and the Parthenon are just a few of the fantastic ancient sites that Athens is famous for. 

The Greek Islands

Your exciting adventure in Greek mythology continues when you head by air or ferry to the Greek Islands. But which island paradise to choose? We recommend Santorini if it’s your first visit. This luxurious island is great for couples and has plenty of historic sites and outdoor activities to try. Mykonos has a great party scene, gorgeous beaches and is delivers a lux experience. Naxos, Crete and Paros are all glorious destinations to enjoy Greek culture and life in the sun. 

Mainland Greece

If youhave time to travel around mainland Greece, you have many fascinating towns and villages to see. Kalambaka is home to the holy Meteora Monasteries, where nuns and monks live on top of massive rocky pillars. 

Monemvasia is a quaint stone village on a small island accessible by a causeway off the east coast of the Peloponnese in southern Greece. This secluded little gem of a destination is excellent for hiking, swimming, shopping, dining and soaking up the sun. 

Thessaloniki, Olympia, Nafplio and Kastoria are also scenic areas to relax, explore and enjoy all that Greek life offers. Locals are generous with their time and are warm and hospitable. 

All over Greece, you will be dining on fresh, delicious Mediterranean food and wine. Greek salads with pita bread, meat kebabs, olive oil, grapes, cheese and pastries will be on your menu during your vacation also with a siesta after lunch. The Greeks know how to live! 

The only problem with vacations is they are too short. You could spend weeks or months exploring the wonderful regions of Greece and still not see everything. So let us help you plan your vacation to maximize your time and make sure you see everything you are most interested in. Drop us a line soon and we can talk more about your Greek vacation.