Why You Should Use A Travel Agent


Why You Should Use A Travel Agent

We know it can be tempting to book a vacation online without a travel agent these days. Ads flash up on your phones and computers on social media and via email all day long. But while that super cheap ticket to the tropical Maldives might look tempting, it could come with some downsides. 

Here are some reasons why you should always use a travel agent when booking accommodation, flights, trips and tours.


When you use a platform to buy a flight, for example, it can look like you get a great deal. But often, once you click through to the end and the taxes and other fees like baggage and meals are added on, it can cost more than what it would have paid through a travel agent. Many platforms give an impression that they are lower cost than they are. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.


We are all living busy lives and you can lose hours scrolling through websites looking for the best deals. When you go back to book the price suddenly has gone up. We’ve all been there and it is very frustrating. 

Using a travel agent can save you a lot of time. Just tell your trusted agent where you want to go and answer a few questions and all the options will be presented to you. All you need to do is decide between the beachfront resort with flamingos in the garden or the ocean views luxury villa with the infinity pool. 


Travel agents get deals that ordinary people can’t access. They are constantly booking a lot of rooms, flights and tours, so naturally, they get a lower rate than a person who is only booking 7 room nights, one return airline ticket and two tours. 


Don’t underestimate the beauty of having an expert on your side. A travel agent can tell you the local rules you need to adhere to, the best restaurants to check out and will share the lowdown on how much you should pay for your Mexican Taxco silver rings. 


Travel is exciting and full of adventures. But sometimes, you hit a bump in the road during your vacation and might need to reach out for help. Your travel agent will be there with local connections and contacts who can help you without ripping you off. 


Being left high and dry in the middle of the Philippines surrounded by rice fields and water buffalo during a crisis could be a holiday memory you would rather not have. You never know when you might be faced with the unimaginable during a trip. Natural disasters, illness and other scary mishaps can happen anywhere. A travel agent will be your life saver who will jump straight to work to help you in every way possible. 


Hopefully, you won’t need to speak to your travel agent until after the trip when you drop them a thank you message with some photos of your epic trip. But it’s nice to know someone has your back while you are traveling, especially overseas. 

With so many platforms offering budget trips and cheap flights, many people speculated that travel agents would become redundant. But it didn’t happen because there are so many reasons why we still need professional travel agents. 

Be smart, travel safely and always use a travel agent so your trip will be perfect, or in the worst-case scenario, help will be there if you need it.