Exploring Sunny Sedona

Hot Air balloon

Exploring Sunny Sedona

The desert town of Sedona is well-known for stunning red rock formations, spiritual enlightenment, beautiful wide-open spaces and epic hiking trails.

With hundreds of gorgeous walking trails with views of deep canyons and grand mountains, you can expect plenty of exercise, inspiration and fresh air during your vacation. Another great way to see the rich-colored landscapes of red rocks and mountains is a Red Rock Scenic Byway road trip stopping at the main viewpoints along the way.

Sedona is considered a spiritual wonderland and people believe there are energy vortexes in the area. Native Americans use the vortexes of concentrated spiritual energy for sacred ceremonies and rituals. To explore this fascinating world of high vibrations and perhaps experience personal transformation, you can take a guided yoga and meditation class or have a healing session. 

Don’t miss Montezuma Castle and Soldier’s Pass, including the Devil’s Kitchen sinkhole and the seven sacred pools. A hot air balloon ride is a wonderful way to see Sedona from the air and worth getting up before the break of dawn. It’s debatable if the champagne picnic breakfast served when you land will help you come back down to earth. 

If you need a break from hiking the great outdoors, maybe have your aura read at Sedona Healing Arts and then head into town to go shopping for some Native American jewelry and art. Tlaquepaque Arts And Shopping Village is a great place to pick up souvenirs and there are many art galleries to take in.

At nighttime, you can go stargazing during an evening sky tour with professional astronomers with power telescopes and several astronomy clubs hold events from time to time. 

Healthy eats in Sedona are easy to find and usually, you are dining with a fantastic view. Try cactus and rattlesnake and the best steaks in town at The Cowboy Club. For some authentic Mexican flavor, Elote Cafe has a menu that will make your mouth water. Wine tasting rooms are popular in Sedona, with the Verde Valley being the place to take a few sips.

Luxury resorts and high-end hotels are abundant in Sedona and after a long day of exploring the wilderness, you will love your air-conditioned room and a few hours in the spa to unwind. 

More Sedona, Arizona Highlights

  • Slide Rock for a walk and dip in the water
  • Chapel of The Holy Cross
  • Find calmness and healing by walking and meditating at Peace Park
  • Hike the 1.2 km Midgley Bridge Trail
  • Buy some healing crystals
  • Drop by Bell Rock and Cathedral Rock

It can get hot in Sedona. The best time to visit is March to May if you want to see wildflowers in bloom. Bright yellow, pink, purple and red floral hues are stunning at this time of year. Also September to November, the weather is not too scorching. 

Sedona, Arizona, offers a peaceful escape from hectic daily life and is a magical place to relax, revitalize and refresh your mind, body and soul. Contact us any time so we can start planning your wonderful Sedona vacation.