Planning For Your Tropical Vacation


Planning For Your Tropical Vacation

You are off for a vacation in the tropics and already imagining basking in the warm sun on a beautiful beach. We’ve created a guide to help you get ready. Mentally you are prepared to leave yesterday, but there is a lot to do before the plane takes off!

The Beauty Routine

There is a joke that it is more expensive to get ready for a vacation than what the actual vacation costs. Indeed most of us get our hair done, get a manicure and pedicure and maybe invest in some fake tan or body moisturizer before hitting the beach. Then there’s the new bikini, beach bag, and other fashion accessories that you need to look gorgeous in the holiday pics.

Documents Check

Always make sure your passport is valid for at least six months until it expires from the time you board the plane to go home. Also, check the passports of everyone you are traveling with to make sure you don’t become a solo traveler. 

Some tropical countries require vaccinations, so check if you need any shots. Research to see if there are any risks of disease from bugs or insects at the destination you are heading to, such as mosquitos that might carry dengue fever or malaria. While the chance of catching such diseases is low, it is wise to be aware of the potential risks. 

What To Pack

The good news is you have a lot of space in your suitcase for shopping because you don’t need to pack that many shoes and clothes for a trip to the tropics. There is usually great shopping for summer clothes at tropical destinations, so expect to pick up at least a few new dresses, sarongs and sandals on your travels. Some travelers take off on their trip with just a few items in their suitcases because they know they will be indulging in some serious retail therapy. 

Take sunblock, bug spray, and medication such as pain killers, as they can be expensive in the tropics. Don’t forget your travel adapter and any comforts from home you can live without.

Researching Your Destination

For most of us, going to the tropics is a significant trip and often a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You want to make the most of it, so gather as much information as you can before you go. Here are some excellent sources of info so you can be prepared with a plan on how you will fill your days.

  • Your travel agent is an expert on the destination you are going to
  • Travel blogs are a great source of inspiration and often have off-the-beaten-track info such as best restaurant and shopping areas
  • Facebook groups offer a wealth of info and you can ask any question and some helpful person will usually know the answer
  • Instagram is fun to scroll through and make notes of locations you want to see
  • Your accommodation is a great local contact who might give you advance info over email

Also, talk to locals when you arrive. Anyone could give you a lead to somewhere special so ask your taxi driver, hotel staff, shop keepers and tourist operators. When you find that special cafe that you love so much you return every day, it becomes a fond memory of your vacation. Finding these memorable places is part of the fun of travel!