All The Amazing Sights Of Riviera Maya


All The Amazing Sights Of Riviera Maya

Are you dreaming of a sunny, fun-filled Mexican vacation with all the color and vibrancy that Mexico is famous for? One of our most popular destinations in Riviera Maya because it has everything including nature, culture, tourist activities and excellent food. 

So let’s take a closer look to discover why Riviera Maya could be one of your best vacations yet.

Go Back In Time

A highlight of your trip to Riviera Maya will be exploring the famous ancient Mayan ruins and there are many to visit. Most are in the jungle, so you get a scenic hike as part of the deal. The ruins at Tulum are unique because they are right by the beach, so after you photograph the old ruins, you can go swimming.

Chichen-Itza is one of the seven new wonders of the world, and many say the best ruins in the area. It could be an idea to visit near the end of your trip because others might pale in comparison.

Ek Balam is another excellent ruins site with the original walls still intact. You can climb to the top of the acropolis and enjoy amazing views. There are many smaller off-the-beaten-track ruins that your local driver will gladly share with you. 

The Great Outdoors

Pack your hiking gear if you plan to hit the gorgeous walking trails that wind through lush jungle and lead to spectacular lakes and mountain tops. There are hikes for all fitness levels, and it’s a great way to connect with nature and get some exercise at the same time.

Caves and cenotes are a lovely way to cool off when it gets really hot. Some might require a hike, while others are an easy walk. There are so many cenotes, with Cenote Samula, Cenote X’Canche and Cenote Chaak Tun being our top recommendations. 

The Wild Things

Dive into the blue with epic diving and snorkeling experiences off the shore or a boat. There are many group boat tours, or you might like to splash out on a private charter to have the freedom to sail wherever you please. It’s not uncommon to sight whales, dolphins, stingrays, and sharks. Pristine coral reefs teeming with exotic fish are guaranteed. 

Or you might prefer a day of fun at the eco-archaeological park Xcaret. There you can see all kinds of sea creatures, swim in underground rivers and see over 50 natural and cultural attractions. It might be your best Caribbean adventure yet!

Sun and Surf

Let’s not forget the beaches, which is what initially draws holidaymakers to Mexico. Those Instagram feeds of sexy sunsets on white-sand beaches are waiting for you! From Puerto Morelos Beach toPlaya Paraíso, you are sure to find your piece of paradise. Swimming in the turquoise water is a daily activity for most vacationers, especially if you book beachfront accommodation.

Riviera Maya does have something for everyone, so send us a message to discuss your Mexican vacation. We can’t wait to say “Hola” to you!