Your Happy Hawaiian Holiday


Your Happy Hawaiian Holiday

Paradise Bay is one of the many beautiful spots in Hawaii.
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Your Happy Hawaii Holiday

Some people dream of visiting Hawaii for a lifetime. If that is your story, we promise Hawaii is worth the wait. For return visitors, you already know that Hawaii is a tropical paradise with pristine beaches, pretty palm trees and seductive sunsets.

In Hawaii, there are six islands, including the Big Island of Hawaii, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai and Maui. Blissful days of island hopping will lead you on adventures that vacations are made of. Here are some of the highlights you can expect to discover when you say aloha to Hawaii.

Art And Culture

The art and culture scene in Hawaii is rich and diverse, with music, dance, cooking and craft-making being an important part of life for Hawaiian people.

Seeing the primal energy and soulful beauty of a hula dance performance will be sure to evoke strong emotions. There are plenty of museums, performances, shows, events, and cultural centers to visit or ask the locals about their culture as they love sharing their history and background with visitors. 

Modern art in Hawaii is continually emerging in colorful ways, and a visit to art galleries in Makawao is well worth it. 

Hawaiian Nature

Nature lovers will be in their happy place in Hawaii with an abundance of gorgeous natural places to roam, including lush rainforests, waterfalls, canyons, volcanos, lava fields, and beaches. That is just on land and then you have the underwater world to explore by swimming, diving or snorkeling. 

The bird and marine life is thriving and to see the animals native to Hawaii, keep an eye out for the Hawaiian Monk Seal and the Hawaiian Hoary Bat. Scents of Hawai flowers like the Hawaiian hibiscus, frangipani, and bird of paradise are scents you can take home in the form of candles and spa products as a reminder of the sweet memories of Hawaii long after the vacation is over. 

Food And Drink

Hawaii food is healthy, hearty and full of flavor. Isn’t trying traditional food one of the best parts of traveling? Poke (raw fish salad), lau lau (meat in taro leaves) and manapua (sandwich buns) are tasty treats. There are so many Hawaii dishes that deserve mention, and we can only recommend you indulge in tasting as many of them as you can to find your favorite ones. 

Hawaii is known for serving up delicious cocktails, and if you get overwhelmed by the vast choice on the beachfront bar menu, just go with the flow and let the barman decide for you. That is a great way to discover a new number one drink! 

Hawaii hosts several amazing festivals annually that draw international crowds. If you are there in spring, you can see the modern art Pow! Wow! Hawaii event in the capital of Honolulu with colorful street art that is left on the walls for people to enjoy all year round.